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Chitin Chitosan Fabrics

Chitin Chitosan Fabrics

Our Fabric No: HY111860


Descriptio: Chitosan, Viscose, Polyester fabric;
Fiber: chitosan, viscose, polyester;
Weight: 140 g/m2

The fundamental characteristics of chitosan fabrics:
• Very strong antibacterial effect;
• Total biodegradable;
• Biocompatibility (anallergicaity);
• High humidity absoprtion;





Thermolite Polar Fleece Fabric

Thermolite Microfiber Polar Fleece

BTEX THERMOLITE fabrics are made with THERMOLITE which is a specially engineered hollow section fiber to keep garment wearer warm and light at the same time.

As the fiber is hollow, fabrics with such fiber are extremely light, soft to the hand touch.

Two types of fabrics are now under production including one polar fleece and one two tone double layer fabric.

New fabrics can also be developed according to buyer’s designs, specifications and samples and then produced after approval by customer.

Fabric no:HY111781
Weight: 120 gsm
Construction: two layer two tone air layer
Composition: 52% THERMOLITE, 48% merino wool
Width: 150 cms







Supersoft Water Proof Breathable Fabric

Supersoft Water Proof Breathable Fabric

Supersoft Water Proof Breathable Fabric
Fabric No: HY111855
Description: Softshell fabric for outdoor clothing
Construction: three layer;
Weight: 130 g/m2.
Water Resistance: 3000mm H2O;
MVP: 3000 g/m2•24 hours

NOVUSTEX produces and uses in its garment production a full range of tw layer or three layer laminated fabrics that are water proof and breathable.

The surface layer is normally a microfiber superfine (such as 20D or 30D) polyester or nylon knits. In the case of three layer lamination, the inside side is normally a light weight (20 g/m2, for instance) mesh.

Three membranes are used as middle or base layer:-
• TPU (microporous thermoplastic polyurethane); or
• PU (microporous polyurethane).


In the market,such fabric is normally called Softshell.

Hoodies produced by Beta Textiles Co., Limited with supersoft water proof and breathable fabric




softshell fabric


Superfine 150 Merino Wool Fabric

Superfine 150 Merino Wool

Fabric No: HY111712
Description: superfine 150 merino wool jersey
Fiber: 17.5 micron superfine merino wool from Australia;
Construction: single jersey;
Finishing: silicone washed;
Weight: 150 g/m2.

The fabric is suitable for:-

  • long sleeve crew neck tee,
  • short sleeve crew neck tee,
  • long legging pants,
  • hipster,
  • tank top,
  • bikini etc.