NOVUSTEX Odor Free Technology

NOVUSTEX Odor-Free Fabrics use a new technology that silver ions are incorporated in the micro-pores inside the inner layer of a dual layer construction fabric. The yarn is a polyester core covered by activated carbon from natural plants. On the face of the yarn, there are millions of micro pores that contains silver ions to inhibit the growth of bacterial and fungus and thus make the garment free of odor.

When heat is applied to the fiber in the inner side of the fabric, the micro-pores are open. Silver ions are filled in the pores at such stage. When the yarn cools down, the pores seal and keep the silver ions permanently in the yarn. The activated carbon surface of the yarn attracts bacterial and fungus contained in perspiration. With silver ions inside, the micro-pores neutralize and eliminate the odors that normally occur as a result of bacterial and fungus.

The outer layer of the fabric is made of micro denier moisture management yarns to enhance the transport of moisture from the wearer.

As the yarn in the inner layer consists of channeled activated carbon, the inner layer of the fabric provided excellent wicking and UV protection functions.

novustex odor free

novustex odor free